How To Prevent Fly Sand From Shot Blasting Machine

The fly sand of the shot blasting machine is a very headache for operators, because the fly sand not only affects the normal working efficiency of the equipment, but also may cause operational hazards. So in the face of this problem, how can we effectively prevent the equipment from flying sand?


   As far as the current domestic technology is concerned, it is unrealistic to prevent flying sand in a decisive way, but we can reduce flying sand with almost no flying sand. For the pass-through shot blasting machine, the rubber hanging curtain is currently used in the upper third of the chamber body, and the rubber spring plate is used below the upper third of the chamber body. Generally, each end of the 8 blasting head uses 4 such protective fences. If the customer’s site permits, the length of the auxiliary chamber of the equipment will be appropriately increased, which can more effectively prevent the steel shot from splashing. This method can be fundamentally solved, and the main chamber guard plate is laid The arrangement is quite tight, which can prevent the steel shot from leaking out of the gap in the middle of the guard plate, and then use thicker material on the material, which can better prevent wear and damage, so as to prevent Flying sand.


   So if you want to effectively solve the problem of flying sand in the shot blasting machine, you can refer to the above content and try it. However, it should be noted that the applicable methods are different for devices of different specifications and models. In this regard, everyone needs to pay more attention.