How To Adjust The Shot Blasting Machine Head

After the shot blasting machine is installed in place, there must be a correct debugging process before the formal production and use. Among them, the adjustment of the blasting head is very important. The correct adjustment can make the shot blasting machine reach a better working state, and the shot blasting efficiency is high, energy saving, and the shot blasting effect is good. How to adjust the head of the shot blasting machine?

        1. adjustment of projectile force

   In order to achieve a good ejection effect, the shot blasting device (shot head) of the shot blasting machine must be equipped with an ideal steel shot flow control valve to ensure that the shot blasting device has sufficient shot blasting volume. The shot blasting volume of the shot blasting device can be adjusted through the steel shot flow regulating valve. When adjusting, consider the larger current value that the shot blaster motor can withstand. Adjust the shot blasting amount, rotating the adjusting screw of the steel shot flow control valve can adjust the shot blasting amount according to actual requirements. The larger current must be consistent with the amount of current specified by the shot blaster motor. The working current value should be 90% of the larger current value, and the shot blasting amount is adjusted by the ammeter. The greater the blasting current, the greater the shot blasting volume.

        2. adjust the projection angle

       After the shot blasting machine is installed and positioned later, the equipment should be carefully debugged according to the specific working conditions. The projected area of the shot blasting machine of the shot blasting machine is a fan-shaped surface. The greater the distance from the fan-shaped surface to the workpiece, the larger the projecting area, but the smaller the impact force of the steel shot. Therefore, in the case of a better projecting distance, the The width of the pill is 80cm. Rotate the directional sleeve to adjust the shot and jet direction within the projection range, but too much left or right of the jet will weaken the projection power and accelerate the abrasion of the guard plate.