Guillotine Cnc Shearing Producing Line

Guillotine Cnc Shearing Producing Line
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New Design cnc Shearing Producing Line

The whole production line: CNC punch press, shearing machine, bending machine .The production line equipment can punch and bend steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and iron plate, and cut them.

* The machine adopts full steel welding structure, vibration elimiate stress, has the very good rigidity and stability.(guillotine shear machine )

  * Adopts advanced hydraulic integrated manifold, compact structure, reduce the pipeline connection, improve the reliability of system and easy maintainability.(guillotine shear machine )

* Series oil cylinder machine in shear, shearing angle will not move.(guillotine shear machine )

* Return smoothly and quickly accumulator.(guillotine shear machine )

* Blade gap handwheel adjustment, accurate, rapid and convenient , shearing angle adjustable, reduce the sheet metal distortion.

* Electric ramstroke makings, monitor, convenient and accurate position.(guillotine shear machine )

* Torre-rolling bsll, reduce material sheet, and can reduce friction scratches.(guillotine shear machine )

* European and American mainstream hydraulic shears.(guillotine shear machine )

* Steel welded structure, heat treatment to eliminate the internal stress, with good rigidity and stability.(guillotine shear machine )

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