how to useAMD-357 cnc punch machine

1. The presses shall be operated independently only after learning, mastering the structure and performance of the cnc punch machine, being familiar with the operating rules and obtaining the operating license.

2. Properly use the safety protection and control devices on the cnc punch press machine, and do not dismantle them arbitrarily.

3. Check all parts of the cnc punch machine tool such as transmission, connection and lubrication, and the protective safety device are normal.

4. The machine should operate empty for 2-3 minutes before working, check the flexibility of foot brake and other control devices, and confirm that it can be used after normal operation without any diseases.

5. The molds should be firmly fixed, the upper and lower molds should be aligned, the correct position should be ensured, and the test flushing of the machine tool should be carried by hand to ensure that the molds work under good conditions.

6. Pay attention to lubrication before driving. Remove all floating objects from the bed.

7. When the press is moving or running, the operator should stand properly, keep a certain distance between the hand and head of the machine, and pay attention to the punch movement at all times. No chatting with others is allowed.

8. Special tools should be used to make small pieces of work for punching or making, and no hand should be used to directly feed or take parts.

9. Safety brackets or other safety measures should be set up to avoid excavation when making long body parts for punching or making small parts.

10. When single-stroke, hands and feet shall not be placed on the hand or foot brake, and must be moved (stepped) once to prevent accidents.

11. When two or more people operate together, the person in charge of lifting (tread) the brake must pay attention to the action of the feeder.

12. Stop at the end of work, cut off the power, wipe the machine tool, and tidy the environment.