Horizontal Sand Mill Machine

Basic Info

Model NO.:SP20Mixer Type:Agitator
Working:High Speed MixerApplication:Liquid with Suspended Solids
Additional Capabilities:CoatingVolume:20L:Production Capacity:50-650kg/H

Horizontal sand mill machine
Horizontal bead mill/sand mill/ grinding mill Machine is a kind of wet-grinding machine to dispersing low, medium and high viscosity materials. The special designed dispersion discs, appropriate grinding bead, and the functional mechanical seals ensure the effective of the SP-H series horizontal sand mill. Customers can choose the diameter of the bead, the material of the dispersing shaft, dispersing discs to improve the quality of your products. We have many models, and the effective volume from 100L to 1200L. In a word, we will choose the best one for you according to your producing formulation.
There are 1.5L, 5L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 30L, 50L, 60L horizontal bead mill/ sand mill/ grinding mill machine...
1. Auto Paints, Printing inks
2. Pigment and dye
2. Gravure inks
3. Cosmetics
4. Medicines
5. Hi-tech nanometer products
1. Horizontal closed;
2. High effective: High flow speed, super fine grinding;
3. Easy to operating and cleaning;
4. Different geometry dispersion discs;
5. Many different volumes for your choice;
6. Abrasion-resistance materials
7. Double mechanical design;
8. Sensitive inductive thermometer to ensure the safety;
9. Static outlet of the material.
Basic information:
Model: PH20
Main motor power: 15kW
Effective Volume: 20L
Water pressure: 0.3L
Water cooling consumption: 50-90L/min
External cylinder: 304 stainless steel
Internal cylinder: 304 stainless steel, hard chromium plating
Dispersing disk: Cr12MoV
Turbine centrifugal separator and pegs: Cr12Mov Turbine centrifugal separator and Cr12Mov hard alloy Pegs.
Discharge screen ring: Wound screen ring with 304. Gaps: 0.4mm. 0.8-1.2mm zirconia beads are recommended.
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