Servo CNC Turret Punch

Main Performance Characteristics of Full Electric Servo CNC Turret Punch

(1) The main transmission mechanism adopts high-torque servo motor to directly connect with the crank connecting rod mechanism through the coupling. It automatically selects strokes for different thicknesses of materials to adapt to various stamping processes, and can be very convenient for special processing. Such as blinds, knock holes, etc., with automatic overload protection, maintain a constant punch pressure throughout the trip, so that the stamping quality to a very high level. In the feeding and upper and lower sheet materials, the main drive servo motor is in shutdown, which can save about 40% of energy. Servo motor adopts forced water cooling, stable and reliable performance, suitable for long-term work needs, maintenance-free, no noise, long-term continuous work.

(II) The control system is the FANUC OI-PD CNC system with various control software necessary for CNC turret punch presses, which is easy to operate.

(C) Rotary station adopts worm and worm structure with adjustable clearance and high positioning accuracy.

(D), turret

1. Material of the turret: 45# carbon steel quenched and tempered, the turntable adopts special fixtures for paired processing, which ensures the coaxiality of the upper and lower mold positions and greatly prolongs the service life of the mold.

2.Turret structure: Adopting the Japanese mosaic wheel structure, the thin turret, and the long-adjusted Amada mold, it can reduce the self-gravity of the mold wheel while still maintaining the long guide structure with precise positioning.

(5) Internationally matched pneumatic components ensure the reliability of the entire machine performance.

(6) Adopting imported large lead ball screws and wide seat linear guides to ensure machining accuracy.

(7) The use of universal ball and brush plate mixing worktable not only reduces the noise and vibration of the machine tool, but also protects the surface of the plate. It can effectively prevent the surface of the plate from being scratched.

(8) The “O” type closed steel plate welded fuselage was used and tempered in the fireplace to make the stress removal more thorough.

(9) The use of a floating pneumatic gripper has a large holding force and a smooth feeding; the integral dovetail type carriage has good rigidity and convenient movement of the clamps.

(10) The system has the automatic clamp protection function, which can not press the protection area, only for the displacement movement, to ensure the continuity of the program operation.

(11) Integral beam structure, integrated design of the carriage and the cross beam enhance the rigidity and accurate positioning, and is more stable under the conditions of high-speed feeding, and eliminates the dynamic deflection of the X-axis and Y-axis of the table.

(12) It is possible to perform display simulation of machining trajectories and paths. If multiple parts are cut on a large board, the board can be saved as much as possible and the utilization of materials can be improved.

(13) The display of roulette turning station, punching time display, processing amount display, and die life (pressing times) display.

(14) Automatic die selection and processing: The system can automatically select the most suitable die to process