Dry Type Painting Room

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Product Details

Products Feature :
Assignments area for painting job, it can supply clean wind in accordance with the paint process conditions, guarantee micro positive pressure environment, it is also the key equipment for meeting the requirements of personnel protection and environment protection through spray mist treatment. We can design non-standard machines according to workpiece size, production program and factory environment, common types include´╝Ü wet water rotary painting room, wet venturi painting room, wet curtain painting room, dry painting room.

Main parts 

1.Spray chamber

2.Spray chamber body

3.Exhaust systems

4.Air intake system

5.Air Filtration System

6.Paint mist filtering system

7.Organic solvent Adsorption tank

8.Security alarm detection system

9.Electric trolley

10.The three dimensional lifting platform

11.Lighting System

12.Control system