Cnc Turret Punching Machine

Cnc Turret Punching Machine
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Mechanical CNC Turret Punching Machine

1, Adopts Taiwan numerical control system and servo module, with quick response and high precision.

2, X axis adopts double guide rail for guiding, gear rack for driving, it is very stable with high-speed and high precision, reached the international level.

3, Five-axis all electric control, can realize punching, stretching, and roller forming etc technology, it is suitable for precision sheet metal processing.

4, Energy conservation, standby without electricity consumption, effectively reduce energy consumption; Can choose downy mode, quiet and environment protection.


Name Unit Specification
Press Capacity KN 300
Frame Construction   O-Frame
Maximum Sheet Size (with one re-position) mm 1250x5000
Maximum Sheet Thickness mm 4
Max. Sheet Diameter mm Φ88.9
Stroke Length mm 40
Max. Punching Speed hpm 280 (step distance 30mm, 40mm stroke)
Max. Feeding Speed m/min 80
Clamps No. pcs 2
Re-positioning Cylinder set 2
No. of Stations set 16/24/32
Turret Rotation Speed rpm 30
Turret Positioning   Double cylinder positioning
Air Pressure mpa 0.6
Die Form   Mosaic turret, Long guide tool
Punching Accuracy mm ±0.10
No. of Controlling Axis pcs 3(X/Y/T)/4(X/Y/T/C)
Total Power kw 13/14

Machine stations:

Machine parts:

About the machine:
    1.Transmission method (mechanical or servo).
    2.Tool station quantity (16/24/32).
    3.Throat deepth (1250/1500/2000mm).
    4.Auto-index quantity (1/2).

Or, about the fabricating requirement if you don't know what configuration is optimal.
    a.Sheet material.
    b.Sheet thickness.
    c.Sheet size.
    d.If Auto-index tool is need.
    e.If there are requirement for Rolling Shear, Rolling Pincher, Rolling Rib, Rolling Offset fabrication.

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