Cnc Hole Punching Machine Line

Cnc Hole Punching Machine Line
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Cnc hole punching machine line


 Cnc hole puching Production line overview

   Equipment model: AMD-DLC10000, etc. This type of cnc hole punching production line is a special equipment for car longitudinal beam punching.

   Logistics direction: facing the production line, from left to right or from right to left.

1.1 Process:

Machining program preparation (computer automatic programming) - machining program input control system - workpiece automatic center positioning - X1 clamp clamp - auxiliary clamp 1 clamp - workpiece end positioning - filter punching - X2 clamp clamp - auxiliary Clamp 2 clamp - stamping completed - stringer to blank position - clamp loose plate back - waste output.

1.2 Host structure:

The closed main engine is hydraulically driven, high-rigidity welding, and strong withstand pressure. The 14-station mold is arranged in an in-line arrangement, which is helpful for the replacement and inspection of the mold.

1.3 Control method:

Achieve manual and automatic conversion, conversion between single, continuous and line processing. In a single machining, only one machining position is moved or only one punch is performed, and the next motion is performed when starting again; only one sheet is processed during continuous machining, and each axis returns to the initial position after machining; in the production line processing mode Multiple sheets can be processed continuously, and each axis moves continuously.

     The above CNC punching equipment is used for semi-trailers, buses, tractors, trucks, special vehicles, dump trucks, agricultural vehicles, wreckers, coaches, garbage trucks, trucks, special vehicles, tank trucks, watering Punching and processing of frames and longitudinal beams for vehicles, tank cars, low-profile vehicles, bulk special vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc.

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