AMD-357 Platform Cnc Punch Machine

AMD-357 Platform Cnc Punch Machine
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AMD-357 platform cnc punch machine

Performance Features as follows:
1. Industrial computer system, Qingdao AMADA company R&D, can realize the field programming, programming background; 19 inch LCD display, the screen is more clear and beautiful.
2. Imported servo motor; imported precision dual linear guide, ensure high precision, long service life; the import coupling, ensure durable, correction coefficient is high; import high guide precision range and high precision steel ball screw, ensure the machining precision and high speed.
3. Can be automatically converted to AutoCAD image processing code, no need manual programming, can also use the G code direct processing; CAD drawing is provided with mold base selection, and in the CAD file preview pattern, simple, functional.
4.  Wide guide spacing design, improve the operation stability of machine tools, machining accuracy of large plate. The whole welding, tempering, eliminate stress, to ensure the long-term stability of the platform to strengthen the machine; special design, high strength support, compact structure, stable running.
5.  Equipped with centralized lubrication pump, the lubrication oil directly into each lubricating point, reduce the friction of the movement of the deputy, improve service life.


SpecificationUnitAMD -P10AMD -P20AMD -P25AMD -P30AMD -P35
Punch ForceKNAccording to the pressure plate processing need
Max.Processing Sizemm1000
Max. sheet Thicknessmm66666
Max. Loading weightKG5090105125145
Punch HitHPM60-300
Machine WeightT467.58.59.5
Max.Traversing Speedm/min40
Hole Accuracymm±0.1
Voltage RtaingVCustomization according to different countries
Power RatingKW678.58.59


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