AMD-357 Fanuc Cnc Turret Punch Machine

AMD-357 Fanuc Cnc Turret Punch Machine
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AMD-357 fanuc cnc turret punch machine

The advantages of CNC system

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First, system characteristics 1. With the punch required graphics features, nibbling function. 2. Simple international G code programming, easy operation and use. 3. Internationally-available RS232 standard interface facilitates communication with computers. 4. Configuration of advanced all-digital AC servo motor and servo system. 5. Color display. 6. Pulse encoder semi-closed loop feedback. 7. On-site programming, background programming. 8. Chinese display. 9. With graphic simulation capabilities. 10 It is convenient to backup system parameters, ladder diagrams and machining programs, and realize on-line processing of large-capacity machining programs. 11. Interpolation, position detection and servo control in nanometers can realize high-speed and high-precision machining. 12. Using ultra-fast serial data bus, less wiring cable. 13. High degree of integration, using dedicated software. Short start-up time, sudden power-down when exiting without losing data. Second, system function 1. Linear axis: X Y axis, turret axis: T axis.2. There are many mechanical electrical faults such as overtravel with alarm display. 3. With self-diagnosis function. 4. With software limit function. 5. International common G code programming. 6. With mold compensation function. 7. With pitch compensation function. 8. With backlash compensation. 9. With coordinate offset function. 10. With repositioning function. 11. With automatic, manual and semi-automatic operation methods. 12. With clamp protection function. 13. With parameter programming capabilities. 14. With rapid positioning and stamping lock function.